Redudant Power Distribution with Battery Backup

Mid-Eastern Redundant Power System (RPS Series) units are employed in mission-critical Continuous Batch Processing applications requiring 24/7/365 uptime.  All system components are isolatable and hot-swappable.

The product line has an uninterrupted service history: ZERO DOWNTIME IN OVER 20 YEARS!

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• Metered AC Input Panel  

AC source circuits are protected by a Main Breaker. A green indicator, volt and ammeters provide AC status. All subassemblies are protected and isolatable using individual AC and DC breakers.

• AC/DC Disconnect Panels 

Dedicated AC and DC circuit breakers protect the individual power supplies and provide for individual control/shutdown/replacement of any power supply without disrupting operation.

• Cooling System 

Each supply has separate fans, and rack blowers bring cool, filtered air in at bottom and exhaust heat out upper vents. The system is thermostatically controlled and monitored to sense any malfunctions.

• Status & Alarm Panel

The RPS provides Audible, Visual and Remote Loop Alarms for any failure including Individual Supplies, Battery Backup & Charger Blowers or Distribution Breaker trips.

• Individual Power Supplies

The RPS has 6 x (28 V @ 35 A) power supplies connected in a balanced parallel configuration using isolating diodes and DC breakers to provide a base capacity of 150 Amps DC (Expandable to 300 Amps).

• DC Distribution Panels 

The RPS incorporates 2 DC Distribution Panels with 2 rows of 15 x 10A (60 total) distribution breakers.  The breakers feed Weidmuller DIN mount terminal blocks for connection of supplied loads.

• Battery Backup

A UPS provides backup power in the event of AC power failure. The system will provide uninterrupted power at regulated 28 VDC at maximum current capacity of 150A for a full 30 minutes of run time.

• Battery Charger   

A separate charger keeps the UPS backup batteries at 100% readiness during normal operation.  The system monitors power status and generates alarms if the UPS is active or faulting.