The RPS Series Linear UPS Power Supply System is specifically designed for applications that require low output ripple and noise, with excellent line and load regulation. It is designed for mission critical continuous batch processing applications that require 24/7/365 uptime.

The RPS Series can be provided with AC Input power of 120V, 208V or 480 VAC depending on application, and an output voltage ranging from 24 Volts to 48 Volts at maximum 300 Amps. This unit is provided with AC/DC Disconnect Panel to allow the shutdown/replacement of a single power supply without shutting down the system.

The RPS Series is also provided with DC Distribution Panel with 2 rows x 15 single pole DC circuit breakers with DIN mount terminal blocks to provide for output load distribution. In addition, the system also includes an integrated battery charger and battery backup module to allow for full load run time of 30 minutes in the event of AC failure.

Our Linear UPS Power Supply System includes audible, visual and remote loop alarms to alert the user to failure in individual power supply, battery backup, charger blower, or DC distribution breaker modules.