PR Series – Linear Laboratory Power Supplies

Pre-Regulated Linear Power Supply with Constant Voltage / Constant Current Linear Power Supply Up to 3000W.


  • Remote Voltage Programming
  • Remote Sensing
  • Series/Parallel Operation
  • Front Panel Binding Posts
  • Rear Barrier Strip
  •  1 mV RMS Ripple
  • 10 Turn Voltage Control
  • 10 Turn Current Control
  • Optional IEEE-488, LAN, RS485, RS232 Control
POWER: 300W TO 3000W



The PR Series SCR Pre-Regulated Linear Power Supplies are high reliability sources providing high power, stable output regulation, very low noise, and very low output ripple.

They are ideally suited for laboratory applications and in systems where both versatility of operation and a stable output regulation are required. The PR Series units operate as Constant Voltage/Constant Current Power Supplies with automatic crossover.

The PR Series offers stable DC Power in bench-mount configuration, or as 2U (3.5”) to 5U (8.75”) High, 19” Full Rack Design for power ranging from 300W to 3000W, respectively.

3 ½” Models

PR20-15A 0-20 V0-15 A
PR40-10A 0-40 V0-10 A
PR60-7A 0-60 V0-7 A
PR125-3.2A 0-125 V0-3.2 A

5 ¼” Models

PR20-25A 0-20 V0-25 A
PR40-20A 0-40 V0-20 A
PR60-14A 0-60 V0-14 A
PR125-6.5A 0-125 V0-6.5 A

7″ Models

PR40-30A 0-40 V0-30 A
PR60-20A 0-60 V0-20 A
PR125-10A 0-125 V0-10 A
PR150-10A 0-150 V0-10 A

8 ¾” Models*

PR40-50A 0-40 V0-50 A
PR60-30A 0-60 V0-30 A
PR125-20A 0-125 V0-20 A
PR250-10A 0-250 V0-10 A

*220VAC 50/60 Hz 1 Phase Standard

Input: 115 VAC or 220 VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz Single Phase depending on the model.

Output: See specific model in table.
The output is floating and either side may be grounded.

Load Regulation:
CV Mode: 0.01% of the maximum rated voltage for a full load step.
CC Mode: 0.25% of the maximum rated current for full load voltage compliance.

Line Regulation:
CV Mode: 0.01% of maximum rated voltage for a line change within specified input voltage range.
CC Mode: 0.01% of maximum rated current for a line change within specified input voltage range.

Ripple: ≤1 mV RMS.

Response Time: The output voltage is within regulation limits in less than 100 microseconds for a  ½ load step. The output voltage will remain within regulation limits for input line step within specified voltage range.

Remote Sensing: Units provided with remote sense terminals at the rear for regulation at the point of load.

Remote Programming: All units are voltage programmable at approximately 1000Ω / Volt.

Series / Parallel Operation: Two or more units may be operated in series. Two units of the same voltage and current may be operated in parallel.

Temp. Coef.:  0.02% / °C

Stability:  Better than 0.05% / 8 hours at constant line, load and temperature after ½ hour warm up.

Operating Temperature:  0°C to +60°C at any combination of line, load and temperature without the need for external cooling.

Terminations:  Barrier strip terminals are provided at the rear for AC input, output, sensing, remote programming, slaving and ground.

Protection: The power supply is protected by a fuse in the input line. 8¾” model is protected by a circuit breaker. The power supply is protected by means of a fully adjustable current limiting circuit.

Panel Controls: Voltmeter, Ammeter, 10 turn voltage control, 10 turn current control, pilot light, ON/OFF switch and five way binding posts. The voltage and current control is fully adjustable from 0 to Full Range by means of 10 turn panel potentiometers.

Finish: The standard front panel finish is light blue.

Size: 8¾” Model: 19“ (WIDE) x 22” (DEEP)
All Other Models: 19” (WIDE) x 16½” (DEEP)

23-Wire Line Cord Instead of Barrier Terminal Strip for Input
6Over Voltage Protection
27Chassis Slides
29Optional 220 VAC Input
36Voltage/Voltage Programming (0-10V = Full Rated Output Voltage)
52Voltage/Current Programming (0-10V = Full Rated Output Current)
62 3½ Digit Digital Meters
85Voltage/Voltage Programming (Isolated Input 0-10V = Full Rated Voltage)
90 Voltage/Current Programming (Isolated Input 0-10V = Full Rated Current)
108RS232 Control with Readback
110RS485 Control with Readback
112IEEE-488 Control with Readback
123RJ45 Control with Readback

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