Custom Replacement Modular Linear Power Supplies

Custom and “or equal” replacement designs.

  • Mid-Eastern has built many “Or Equal” replacement power supplies meeting the physical and electrical requirements of legacy units built by other manufactures.
  • “Or Equal” means form, fit and function equality including any environmental requirements along with location of mounting holes, terminal location and sequence, and location of any adjustments.
  • Many of these power supplies are sold by Mid-Eastern as approved replacement items with the same NSN as the original manufacturers units.
  • We also provide these products to many primes such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin as well as various US Govt. agencies to support legacy equipment in the military.
VOLTAGE: 1.4V to 320V


Our Custom Replacement Modular Linear Power Supplies are the ideal solution for your custom linear power supply needs.

ME Model #Volts AmpsOriginal SupplierModel #National Stock NumberPicture
01C4901.4 V7 AHONEYWELL51577556130-01-554-9881
01C4625 V3.7 ALAMBDALM-B-56130-01-671-9900
01C462-SPC6425 V3.7 ALAMBDALM-B-5-OV6130-01-671-9900
04C5265 V4 ALAMBDALXS-A-5-OV-R6035
08C5805 V5.1 ALAMBDALM-C-5R6130-00-314-7885
87C0075 V9 ALAMBDALCS-C-5-OV-R6130-01-047-4320
01C4635 V10.5 ALAMBDALM-CC-5
97C3675 V12 A6130-01-098-7096
83B8215 V27.5 A LAMBDALXS-D-5-OV-R6130-01-017-6931
91C1050-7 V (DUAL)1 ALAMBDALCD-A-11
91C1238 V2.4 ALAMBDALCS-A-8-R6130-01-242-3815
02C503+/- 12 V2 ALAMBDALND-X-122
88C01612 V4 ALAMBDALM-C-12-Y-R6130-00-470-4926
10C58712 V10.5 ALAMBDALXS-CC-12-OV-R
10C59112 V10.5 ALAMBDALCS-CC-12-OV
05C529+/- 15 V1.5 ASORENSENPTM 15-1.5D
97C363+/- 15 V2.1 ALAMBDALND-X-1526130-01-098-2917
03C51815 V2.4 ASORENSENPTM 15-2.4
02C509+/- 15V2.5 ALAMBDALND-X-152
01C45815 V2.8 ALAMBDALCS-4-15
99C42615 V3 ALAMBDALXS-A-15R
85B92115 V3.5 ALAMBDALM-C-15
08C57915 V6 ALAMBDALCS-C-156130-01-053-5224
15C63415 V6 ALAMBDALM-CC-15R
82B806+/- 15 V6.2 ALAMBDALXD-D-152-R
02C49715 V8 A
91C12515 V9.5 ALAMBDALCS-CC-15-R6130-01-081-7835
03C51915 V10 ASORENSENSTM15-10
96C31115 V19 ALAMBDALXS-E-15R-414966625-01-455-4381
16C6400 - 18 V (DUAL)1 ALAMBDALCD‐4‐22
91C1240-18 V2.3 ALAMBDALCS-C-02-R6130-01-077-6939
01C46024 V3.8 ALAMBDALDS-X-24
89C07524 V5.4 ALAMBDALNS-W-24
87B99524 V6.8 ALAMBDALCS-CC-24-R6130-01-045-7112
88C03524 V10 ALAMBDALXS-D-24-R
01C45928 V2 ALAMBDALCS-4-28
01C46128 V3 ALAMBDALCS-C-28
03C51728 V3.5 ASORENSENPTM 28-3.5
99C43328 V6 ALAMBDALCS-CC-28-R43247
86B95128 V9 ALAMBDALXS-D-28-R
01C46428 V10 ALAMBDALM-E-28
84B87028 V13 ALAMBDALM-EE-28
84B86928 V17 AHONEYWELL10140632
17C65428 V17 ALAMBDALXS-EE-28R6130-01-037-9397 FD
96C30428 V24 A
91C1060-32 V1.1 ALAMBDALMC-01-326130-01-323-8267
91C10922-32 V2 ALAMBDALM2286130-00-242-9469
93C2133.5-50 V0.2 A6130-01-453-8631
94C2353.5-50 V0.2 A 6130-01-445-4229
93C2140-50 V1 A6130-01-453-8262
94C2363.5-50 V1 A6130-01-445-4230
95C259150 V1.1 ALAMBDALMD-150R-2207
95C260150 V1.4 ALAMBDALME-150R-2207
06C552160 V0.4 A
06C553320 V0.2 A

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