To properly specify the correct Power Supply for your application, Mid-Eastern Industries has put together the following list of requirements that you should consider when deciding on what Power Supply to purchase.

  1. Can my requirement be satisfied with either a Standard, Modified or Custom power supply.
  2. What Configuration do I need, Stand Alone, Rack or Panel Mounted, Hot-Swap or Battery Back-Up.
  3. What Input Voltage Range (Low & High Line) will the power supply need to operate from.
  4. What Output Voltage & Current (Continuous & Surge) will the power supply need to provide.
  5. What specific Electrical Characteristics are required for your application?
  6. What specific Environmental Characteristics are required (Temperature, Humidity, Shock/Vibration)
  7. Which Mechanical form factor is required, connection type, size & weight of unit.
  8. Cooling required, (Forced Air, Direction, Convection or Conduction cooled).
  9. What is my required Reliability, low cost unit vs a premium enhanced unit.
  10. What specific features or options must the power supply have.
  11. Are Agency Approvals or specific Qualifications required or is “Designed to Meet” sufficient.
  12. What is my target price and delivery for this type of unit.

Considering the above questions along with working with our knowledgeable Sales & Engineering staffs will insure that you receive the correct power supply for your exact requirement.