A New ATE Low Cost – High Precision Programmable Power Supply Series

1U and 2U Rack Mountable 19”

1500W, 1600W, 3000W & 4000W

MidEastern Industries ( – a leading company in the field of high precisions laboratory power supplies, introduced a new line of Programmable Switching DC Power Supplies providing various ranges of 1.5KW and 1.6KW in 1U rack mount, and also 3kW and 4kW power in 2U.

The compact PPS Series was designed to meet the demanding needs of ATE, system integrators, burn-in, programmable battery chargers, and bench-top general use. The units feature computer control with the flexibility of standard communication of RS232, RS485, USB and LAN at no extra cost, and also optional GPIB interfaces. The units are ideal for remote control, but also able to be adjusted from the front panel by keypad or encoder. An interactive, very bright VFD Display with concurrent display of preset voltage and current, as well as actual output values. These provide the bench-top user with a fully functional and versatile precision DC source.

These PPS Series power supplies can be connected in series or parallel to provide the need for increased output voltage or current. Up to 800V can be achieved by series combinations, and power levels up to 16KW can be achieved by parallel combinations.

The specifications of the PPS units are better than many similar products from leading famous competitors in the market. However the PPS units are sold from stock at a price 30% to 40% below competitor’s prices, while at the same time offer the communication features free of charge.

The PPS series is perfectly suited for ATE systems, product design and test, burn-in testing, and other applications requiring highly reliable power. The design flexibility allowing connection of like units in series or parallel provide maximum flexibility for expansion at a future time.

The PPS 1500W and 1600W 1U series offer voltage ranges of 0-20V, 0-32V, 0-40V, 0-60V and 0-75V. The 3000W and 4000W 2U series offer ranges of 0-40V, 0-75V, 0-100V, 0-120V, 0-150V and 0-200V.

Prices range from $1350 for the 1500W, $1450 for the 1600W 1U units, $2500 for the 3000W and $3650 for the 4000W 2U.

For further details call us at 201-385-0500 ext.123 or email Matthew George

programmable dc power supply photo
POWER: 120W TO 200W
programmable power supply pic
POWER: 300W TO 2500W
programmable power supply image
POWER: 300W TO 2800W